Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 8: Silk Market and Peking Duck

No, there is not abundant supplies of's just the name of the street and market. We went there after dinner. I bought some things for the girls in the family and myself, something for Gordie as well, oh and some sunglasses since the guy on the plane broke mine. What really gets the venders is when I say how I can get it waaaaay cheaper in the US since they start us at like 2000 yuan when it's worth like 10...I bought the classes for 48ish yuan, still a little high but better than the 1300 she tried to sell it to me for. Most everyone bought things. Lou some knock off converse, and different girls bought knock off LV and etc bags, I also bought a dress that I paid too much for as well. Overall it was fun though, but shopping isn't necessarily high on my priority list during traveling.

After shopping for maybe 2 hours we went to eat Peking duck at the supposedly best place in Beijing for the PD. It was delicious, I forget the name in English. The private room viewed over the streets and it was pretty. They brought us lots of dishes and a guy cut the duck in front of us. I like duck but I think I prefer chicken and seafood over duck and other red meats. I'm still trying to eat healthy here, even though I fail sometimes.

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lacey said...

Wait you have been there for more than 8 days, why does it say that?