Monday, May 3, 2010

Daisy's Delay on Plane Delay

Boarded the plane at 6:15ish. Passed out in my seat when I sat down. It was light when that happened. I woke up at 7:30 to the sound of the stewardess announcing take-off and feeling the high-speed movement of the plane. We must have had a delay but I still have no clue as to why. I feel asleep again and woke up at 8:11 pm as the drink and food cart had just passed. I raised my hand to signal that I did want something. The young, pretty young woman came back to me and I asked for Orange Juice due to lack of fruit intake. There was a communication gap and I could not understand if she was asking me if I had paid for dinner and she left as confused as me, but she was more irritated and somewhat rolled her eyes. I felt stupid and shrunk into my seat. I glanced around and everyone had a dinner besides the guy in the isle seat. The seat between us was empty. I realized that she was asking if I wanted dinner. When they came back down the back of the plane I hand signaled a rectangle and the male steward asked for chicken or pork. Chicken. The meal was better tasting than on AA, even though it was composed of less variation in foods. The chx was delicious and watermelon was refreshing after traveling for 24 hours.

The communication gap is difficult and makes me feel stupid and unintelligence often. I listened to the airline music channels but finally resorted to my dying iPod after switching between Chinese contemporary music and English Opera.

I do not understand why people say all Asians look alike, or more specifically, Chinese. I see such variation among people. There are similarities obviously, but there are distinctions like any other group of people; I am keen to distinguish for "good?" purposes. lack of better term. Kings of Leon and Guster reassured my ability to understand verbal/musical communication.

I keep writing on the backs of receipts to note my mental habits that keep coming so often. I then transfer to journal and then my blog. or vice versa.

I do not wish things were more like the US, but I do wish I knew more of the language, as I keep repeating. It really is sad in my opinion, but it is what it is.

I felt alone this flight. No one next to me. No pilot off duty or American business man (who actually has a house on 12th Street in Kalamazoo-small world sometimes). I was almost afraid to take a crap in the plane without offending the stewardess again.

When looking at Chinese magazines, I question who picks what China's GQ model looks like. Are standards of beauty the same here? There are porn magazines with blonde women on them. There are American and Chinese celebrities. A good deal of magazines have Chinese on them, however.

Intelligence. It is not as straight forward as I once though. How you/others view your intelligence is more subjective than I always thought and is contextual, even if your capability does not change- then again, even capability is subjective.


Brenda said...

Enjoy reading the who, what, why & where-

tomuchofmom said...

Understanding different cultures broadens your spectrum, understanding the whys and hows in diversity allows us to make informed decisions so that we live our lives more fully, compassionately, and with greater well-being and kindess towards others and ourselves.