Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 6: Lunch Chaos

May 6 lunch:
On our way to lunch we were pulled to a table outside by the Giant Pen Tip to write Happy Mother's Day, etc, on paper heart cutouts and post them on a board, as well as sign our name on a banner...I still do not know what it said...
We were followed by camera/photographers the entire time. Never would I ever wish to be a celebrity I have come to discover. I always knew I might like some of the perks but just being followed this little is annoying. Since I don't have a phone I thought to take pictures of the hearts and tag my mom on Mother's Day :p Lame but an idea.

Then some kids with a camera interviewed a few of us about Mother's Day, looked like a student television station? We headed to lunch and I went with Cathy because she is one of my penpals :p
Chaz, Jamilah and a few others followed. There began many questions and requests and I think she was overwhelmed. Some people wanted chicken. I was okay with almost anything and did not even know what to get. The lunch room on the 3rd floor (there are a number of dinning halls) is painted green and has many options for dining. After awhile some people got frustrated with our lack of understanding the menus and choices and Cathy had a hard time with translating food items (she since has sent me an email apologizing and informing me that she has studied up...she is SO sweet and I am sorry our group caused her some distress.) Chaz and I were the only ones left with her and we said anything and he pointed at a picture at one of the spots and I pointed at a dish that was waiting to be picked up. She then picked me a drink that was green bean was delicious but different, kind of like soy milk and was a creamy color. She instructed us to sit down and then she went and ordered her food...she brought us back our food...and somehow we ended up with the same thing...and not what we requested...I tried to eat it, as did Chaz, in order to not make her feel bad at all...but it was hard, I keep recalling it as hotpeppers and chicken bones...i just couldn't do it, especially after he found a chicken foot in his. Sometimes I am on the verge of vegetarianism and that put me over the edge. I snuck some of Ellen's seafood fried rice when Cathy left. She returned with the exact dish I ordered...and offered me a bite when she saw my facial expression...I only took 2 and said I was full....

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