Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 6: Travel to TNU

May 6:
The first day of meeting the college students on their campus. Today was the school of literature students. TNU is a teacher campus.
The waiter that took a picture with Taylor made a square picture signal to her but we are not sure exactly what he means. We were supposed to take the city bus to the campus but "they liked us so much" that they hired a bus for 20 dollars (100 Yuan) for us to take. There is combination of private and public buses so there are some students on the bus but the bus driver kicked them off when we came. I was horrified (this feeling happens a few times every so often when I feel like we command attention and royalty). Larry told Jenny to tell them to get back on and that the driver would not get in trouble or anything of the sort. It made me feel better. Hau was still in the shower when we were leaving. Her group was slightly irritated and almost upset...
We were early for the bus though.
The bus ride was long. There are random times in the city where your nose just refuses to breathe because a funny/bad smell sweeps in with a furious vengeance. My lungs burn at times, I assume from pollution, like any big city, but I am not used to it. Traffic is takes skill to drive here...the stereotype that ignorant people like to refer to Asians is actually the opposite of have to witness the interaction of bike, car, bus, truck and pedestrian to understand. Helmets are inexistent...I doubt the concept exists. Little children on the back of motorbikes still makes me cringe. I am curious the stats for accident occurrence/physical damage.

I was taking pictures of everyone's ear pieces because it was just interesting to see everyone listening to their iPods.

The school is close to a dump. I guess some people live there. Men working on the construction site for university additions live in tents right next to the site...Larry said for connivence, and maybe working longer hours...

After 25ish minutes...depending on traffic...we arrive at the campus. It's beautiful, but definitely a secluded campus where it is just the campus and no city. There are guards at the front.

We still did not know entirely what to expect entering the campus. Larry gives us ideas about what's going on...but most of the time we are confused on what we're supposed to be doing or have planned...some people stress about it, others like me have learned to just go with the flow and have a semi-plan but be flexible. It amazes me how little things can irritate each of us about others while not other people...just interesting...

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tomuchofmom said...

Daisy-Sociology is the study of society. You are seeing a glipse of another culture. Stop every now and then, and look around you, sit down and breath in [not the polution] the people of this culture. How do they interact with one another. Take 20 minutes and observe, not your group, but the culture you are in. What are their customs for communication? What are the norms; cues within the society? body language, non verbal communication? This will better prepare you for presenting your dance lesson plans.