Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zoo: Leaving comrades

May 4 still:
We began to head towards the exit but realized from Oliver that the driver was at another exit that was closer. We were only missing Lakia and Miah after awhile. I ventured towards the bird cages and talked with a white parakeet, all the while thinking of Julia (my sister) who loves birds (birds that make monkey noises because she cannot whistle and taught them eeeee eeee ooo aaah noises instead). Two Chinese women asked to take pictures with Mike and giggled the entire time. Then two guys asked to take pictures with Ellen and Taylor, who also giggled (our girls that is). I took a picture of Nevena and a little boy was taking a dump right behind her. We're not used to that, it's interesting and some of us cannot help but stare and/or giggle from amusement. After quite awhile we decided to go to the bus with Baldwin while Oliver and Larry stayed behind to wait for Lakia and Milah. Oliver asked for our tickets back and mine was chilling between my slightly sweaty breasts so I quickly pulled it out and I am sure I embarrassed him...
Some type of wolf dogs joined the raw meat from the cage earlier I noticed as we left. They continuously ran in circles. I took a picture by a large mushroom sculpture and threw my camera on the concrete while handing it to Jia...stupid stupid me...

I like to sit in the very front on the bus to take pictures and see everything easier. Baldwin sat across from me and I asked him some questions, with him politely answering but not saying much more (someone said later that this is the most English he's ever spoken at once- with us). He is an English major doubling with International trading. I asked about going abroad and he wants to go to the US or UK but doubts he will since he graduates next year and has to go to work right after.

We had lunch. Jia has a crush on one of the waiters. We then walked to a bookstore, which I feel was further than the water park I swear. There was a little black dog that knew how to cross the street better than us, waiting, was quite interesting.
I needed to get more money, along with Taylor, Milah, Lakia and Ellen. We daringly crossed the street amidst racing cars and speeding bikes. At the ATM we didn't fully know what to do...we did not know if dollars meant cash or yuan. My 8 digit pincode did not fit so luckily there was a cash exchange right inside the bank and joined Milah in there. I exchanged my 100 dollar bill and I hope it does not run out...At the ATM they were trying to take out money again but as I had predicted, you could only withdraw once. Back in the Foreign Language Bookstore, they appeared ready to leave. I didn't want to! It was interesting and I was on a quest for some souvenirs. I bought one book and decided to come back with Bailey sometime later, not sure when yet. Taylor bought the English English version of Harry Potter.
On the way home we stopped at a bakery and they had delicious looking goodies. I bought a pastry with sugar cubes and cream inside. I could only eat half because of the sugar density...even for me. I wanted to take a picture of the pretty cakes but they said no when I asked...but I did it secretly at my hip anyway...yeah yeah, rebel me breaking rules, I happen to do that when it comes to photography.

We learned that parking is such a hassle...and rare...or anywhere...and it helps to have tip and protect your car. Everyone had different ideas for the rest of the night. We all traveled to the bank by the hotel, besides Bailey, who went with Baldwin and Oliver's girlfriend (and Oliver?). I wanted to go back to the bookstore but will do later.
At the bank I sat outside and people watched. Larry pointed out an internet cafe and a few people ventured off there. I waited for Sunny and Jia to go back to the 5 story mall. There we decided to split up because I like to shop a lone, and I was not that interested in shopping for keychains and stationary. We had an hour to make it back by 6 for dinner. I figured 10 minutes per floor. I suggested starting at the top. I scanned that fast and was down again. I found a small pet shop and was really thinking about buying a small mouse or rabbit but figured Larry would kill me...
A few women tried to talk to me, while others completely ignored me. I need to learn more "shopping terms"'s frustrating. I understand the calculator numbers I bought something for Evann (No, you cannot know until I return...). I stopped on the 2nd floor in one shop for awhile, which threw off my timing so I never made it to the first floor. I bought some things there. Then it was 5:58 and I went outside in front of KFC, our designated meeting spot. JIa is a shopaholic...we've concluded, and she denies sometimes.
I was about to pass out in my dinner plate, the tin tray but worried my black plastic chopsticks would poke my eyes out. After dinner some people decided to go to the mall. Sunny and I were in no way interested. I passed out in my bed at 8pm with my clothes on. I woke up at 11pm when Sunny was getting ready for bed and did the same. I slept until my alarm went off the next morning at 7 am.


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