Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 6: Lights Out!

May 6 still:

We ended the class, exchanged numbers/emails, hugged, thanked, and took photos. We recollected in the lobby area and left campus for the International campus in which we are staying most of the time. Sunny and I went to the dining room after chaning clothes and no one was there so we went up to the 8th floor where everyone else is staying to talk about dinner plans...
We decided to split up for dinner, half of the group ordered pizza, while Nevena, Bailey, Chaz, Sunny, Lou and I went to dinner at the dumpling house across from our "hotel dorm." I was tired and wore the large t-shirt that was given to us. I realized I should have dressed slightly nicer once we entered the restaurant. Chaz dropped his chopsticks on the floor during dinner and tried to ask the waitress for new ones and he put them on the ground to get the message across...but a cook (with a very stern and scary look on his face) came out and handed Chaz a fork and steak knife...the waitress returned with chopsticks but our faces were interesting to see...
We felt like we were "fending for ourselves" because no one was ordering for us...We ordered some different dumplings, I picked a shrimp and zucchini one. We loved the shrimp and pork ones the best though and reordered it 2 more times. Dr. Gant gave us money for dinner, the dumplings are about a dollar a cheap...but the tea was the kicker and bumped the bill up a lot.

After dinner we walked a bit and went to a bakery and I bought a delicious looking cake with fruit on it for a dollar (and I am sure it would have cost about 5 or so in the US at least). The cakes here are beautiful and so cheap compared to the ones in the US. It had a strawberry, kiwi and peach slices on the top. The supermarket is inside a mall. Many stores you cannot bring bags in but the lockers are free here and you push a button, open pops a locker, you grab the ticket, leave your bag, then scan the ticket when you're finished. I swear the US overcharges for many things. I figured I could carry my cake in but the guard made me leave it at the front of the store and I was just hoping he wasn't hungry. I bought some foods and juggled it out the door because I was not given a bag. We headed back and I bought a McDonald's ice cream for about 30 cents US on the way home when Chaz did.

I asked Taylor to save me a piece of pizza. She did and it wasn't the greatest, plus I was already full...I brought back some dumplings, too. I passed out as soon as we were back and was too full to even eat my cake, plus it looked a little gross by the time I took a picture at home.

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chianglihui said...

Hey babe!

Hmmm... this post is making me hungry. Its the costs of living that make US stuff look expensive! They make their own produce (flour etc) and hence can afford to make things cheaper. Then again, you wouldn't want to know the conditions and cheap labor employed to make these raw materials even cheaper.

On a brighter side, eat till your hearts content! I heard their food is yummy! hee...

Li Hui